10 May 2016

UPDATE: 83 Hashtags Every Female Entrepreneur Should Use List.

Hi There, 

It's been a while since I've closed down Stylishly Decadent, since the launch of my latest business Chakayla J. Taylor Online. Though I do not have any immediate plans of re-establishing Stylishly Decadent, I still want to make sure things are still moving smoothly on this channel and that you are still able to access all of the resources on this blog. 

So that you are up to date, all of the freebies and resources that I once provided for Stylishly Decadent are now housed in my free Beautiful Brand Resource Library

If you have tried to access that hashtag list, I apologize for the run-around. Now, grab your hashtag list FOR REAL :)

Peace + Blessings, 


31 December 2015

It's So Hard ...

Stylishly Decadent represents growth, transformation and success! I am so blessed that I was able to build a resource for women looking to be better versions of themselves.

I have even become a better version of ME ... which leads me to this next statement: 

Stylishly Decadent will always be a reminder of all the good that has happened to me and 2015 and I will be opening another chapter today!

Chakayla J. Taylor (online) is that chapter I will be opening and I want you all to come join me there! Even though I will no longer be blogging from this platform, I will still leave it up since it has some valuable gems of information!

But, I am ready to be the girlboss I've always wanted to be and Chakayla J. Taylor is it!

This is not GOODBYE, it's more like HELLO!

I cannot wait to see you over at Chakayla J. Taylor (online)!